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All participants, please wear comfortable, well-fitted sports clothing and grip socks during your sessions.  Hand weights and mats are supplied. Classes are 60 minutes.

Buff Bones

Buff Bones is designed primarily for clients diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis.  It is a safe, effective, low-impact workout for clients concerned about bone health.  If you are aged between 45-70, have good balance and can get down on the floor and back up again, then this class is for you. Buff Bones is a unique class with no rotation or spine flexion to minimise risk of fractures to fragile bones. Buff Bones strengthens muscles around the hip, wrists and spine, and focuses on improving your balance, posture and flexibility.


Join a beginner class to learn proper technique before moving on to more advanced exercises. Your class will cover basic Pilates principles of breathing, core-control, axial elongation, spine articulation, alignment of the head, neck and shoulders, weight-bearing through the upper and lower extremities and movement integration.  Mastery of these principles will help you smoothly transition to an intermediate class.


An intermediate class builds on the principles of a beginner class but with increased challenge and decreased support. Participants will have good body awareness when integrating the trunk with the pelvis and shoulder girdle. This allows the body  to perform more complex exercises that require concentration, control, balance and coordination together with strength and flexibility.

Women doing exercises for pelvis floor i
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